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1 REGLAMENTO 2009 on Mon 09 Feb 2009, 20:22

If you want to join the league, you must fill the next information at the registration post, the information that you must post is:
NICK: (It must be the same that you use for log in on this web)
CONTROLER: (Wheel, Pad, etc...).
After that, an administrator of gt1 will contact you to solve all questions and to get in touch.
Driving AIDS
Steering Help :_____________________OFF
Brake Help :_______________________OFF
Opposite Lock:_____________________OFF
Spin Recovery:_____________________OFF
Autopit : _________________________OFF
Stability Control:___________________OFF
Antilock Brakes :___________________LOW
Throttle Control:___________________LOW
Auto Shifting :_____________________ON
Auto Clutch :______________________ON

For the Race
MOD: ____________FSONE 2008
Flags: ____________ON
Tires consume: _____X2
Fuel consume:_____X2
Mechanical failures :ESCALADO EN EL TIEMPO

Before GP:
The pilots who want to drive on the Grand Prix must announce participation and group of race on the “GP Announce” post at least 12 hours before race starts.
The races will be on Sunday, seven days after the real race goes on.

The server is going to be called GT1 G”X”, in which “X” represent the number of the group, for example, for de group 1, its going to be called GT1 G1, for the group 2, GT1 G2, and so on
To access the server, you must cont with the program called Hamachi, if you don’t have it, you can download it on the downloads section, for accessing the red you must be in contact with one of the administrators
Mismatch is not allowed on the server, if you present any problem, the server will boot you in an automatically way
Complaining and sanctions
1.-Illegal overtaking, pushing a car out of the track so you can pass it, the sanction could be of 25 seconds plus the time reached on race or the disqualifying of the event, depending on the number of times that the driver repeats the action
2.-If a pilot crashed to a driver in a delivered way , the pilot will be sanction with 25 seconds over his final race time.
3. - If a pilot didn’t let pass another pilot when he is under blue flag, the sanction will constant on 15 seconds over the final racing time.
4. - For cutting a corner, the sanction will constant on 22 seconds over his final race rime
5.- For driving over the white line outside the pit lane, the sanction will constant on 15 seconds over his racing time, unless the driver is pushed by another driver to the line, in which case, the first article will apply on the case.
6. - On the pit lane, the driver must always have the RPM limiter, in other ways, the server will sanction the driver with an stop and go and you have to make it on the next lap.
7. - It’s prohibited to talk during the race an qualify session, and the sanction will depend on the administrator in turn point of view and criterion
For any complaining, the driver affected has a time of 48 hours to present the fault committed in the next way:
Pilot affected:
Pilot who affected me:
Complain: (this last point must be fundament on real events, if the driver is caught lying, he is going to be removed from the race).
The decision taken by the administration must be respected, if the driver who committed the fault is not agree, he must prove that the event wasn’t on propose and that he is not guilty.

Point per race:
First position =10 pints
Second Position = 8 points
Third position = 6 points
Fourth position = 5 points
Fifth position = 4 points
Sixth position = 3 points
Seventh position = 2 points
Eight position = 1 point
The championship winner is going to be decided for the pilot who accumulate more points during the season, in the case that two driver tie in points, it’s going to be decided for the pilot who won more races.

Thanks for reading this


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